MEI Research Activities

The Manufacturing Executive Institute performs and participates in certain research projects that enhance and advance the manufacturing and distribution body-of-knowledge. If your organization is interested in participating in a research project or needs assistance on an existing research project, please contact us.

Past Research Projects

  • Make-to-Stock vs. Make-to-Order Safety Stock Simulation: What Variables Most Impact Safety Stock Levels? (Sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company)
  • The Impact of Industrial Robotics on Productivity in the Next Three Decades. (Sponsored by ADI)
  • Best Practices for Aligned Performance Measurements for a Manufacturing Enterprise. (Jointly sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company and Idaho Asphalt Supply Company)
  • Techniques to Reduce Master File Data Input Errors in an ERP Environment. (Co-sponsored by Ellison Prevention Mechanicals and ASK Software)

Current Research Projects

  • Best Techniques for Set-Up Reductions in Large Batch Discrete Chemical Processing. (Sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company)
  • Constraints on Work Center Capacities in Process-Flow Manufacturing Environments. (Sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company)
  • Best Practices for Calculating and Extending Cost of Quality Formulas Beyond the Manufacturing Floor. (Sponsored by GDI Consulting & Training Company)

Future Research Projects (Not Yet Prioritized)

  • How To Build a “Management Simulator” that Rapidly Trains Teams of Executives to Successfully Operate a Manufacturing Company.
  • Best Practices for the Education Technical Professional In “Corporate Economics”.
  • How Supply Chain Management is Re-writing the Code of Commerce.
  • Costs and Benefits of Operations Simplification.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Executive Chairman of the Board.
  • Methods for Measuring Human Capital Development.

Please contact the Manufacturing Executive Institute at (951) 736-2114 if you are interested in any of these projects or have some additional ideas for future research.